COVID-19 RaceME Terms & Conditions

I acknowldege and agree to all the terms & conditions as well as cancellations policy around these events being purchased

You agree to the following conditions:


  • You have purchased your event ticket through in the U.A.E.
  • These conditions are only valid for entries purchased through the RaceME platform.
  • You accept due to current times and restrictions there may be last minute disruptions to the events that may not be communicated to you.
  • You allow our staff to do a temperature check before entering the event area, and ensure that it is below 38.0°C.
  • You will Wash/Sanitise your hands before and after participating in the event.
  • You will always wear a mask when not competing or participating in the event.
  • Maintain a safe distance at all times and adhere to all the race regulations, terms and conditions.
  • Signing and presenting a waiver if requested by the organiser to ensure event safety around COVID-19.

Failure to adhere to the above conditions will result in you being asked to leave the event.

Cancellation or Postponement

By purchasing an entry to an event, you agree to the following conditions:

You are allowed to cancel your entry to an event up to 45 days before the event. You will be subjected to a 50AED admin fee.

Should the event be cancelled or postponed at any time for any reason, you agree to be automatically rolled (entered) into the next similar type event in our schedule.

There is no refund eligibility for an event cancelled or postponed due to any reason for the duration of the 2020-2021 season.

RaceME does not have to give reason to cancel or postpone an event at any time.

You must be able to attend the next scheduled available RaceME event after an event cancellation or postponement.

Missing an event for any reason does not constitute as a cancellation or postponement.

Event Insurance

If you choose the event insurance option (which we recommend) and wish to cancel your entry before 14 days to the event date then you will be refunded 100% of your entry. You must notify RaceME by email to:

Should you wish to cancel your entry with less than 14 days to the event and have received your race pack you will then be subject to a 50AED admin charge. You must notify RaceME by email to:

Should the event be postponed or cancelled by RaceME at any time you will receive 100% of your entry fee or be given the option to enter any of our upcoming events.

The event insurance option is per person per event.

If you buy one event insurance option against multiple event enteries then the insurance option will be held against the earliest event by date in your basket/transactions and not against any of the other events.

You accept that RaceME will not extend the period and validity of insurance beyond the event date, unless the event has been postponed and you still intend to go on the rescheduled date. This extension will only apply if you have not recovered costs from the event organiser: RaceME.

This insurance options is only valid with RaceME Events

Your insurance on the events is only valid for the upcoming season and expires on 30th April 2021. Should you not have chosen a refund by this point your claim period will expire.