About TrainME

TrainME is your go to training platform for all levels of athletes living in and around Dubai.Our platform focuses on Triathlon, Running, Swimming and Cycling whilst offering everything from basic group programs to highly scientific and individually created programs using My Program Generator.

TrainME has been designed, priced and now available for all those wishing to improve their performances at our races and on a international level. If you are just starting out in the sport or a seasoned pro then please get in touch to see how we can compliment your training program.


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Warrick makes every effort to stay in touch and is very responsive to any queries I may have, despite the distance and me being an obsesive athlete!
Nikita Fensham
I am grateful for the coaching, physically and mentally that I have received from Warrick thus far & truly believe that he will get me to my goal of a 70.3
Sarah Holmes
Warrick is one of the most attentive individuals I have met and meticulously monitors all my training sessions which I love!
Ben Crooken
Thursday morning training sessions at 5am I hate but Warrick makes them worth the while and I see results which is the main thing! Thanks again.
Casper Tham
Thanks Warrick, you've been a great help staying fit through my injuries and now I am ready to get back into the program with you so please lets GO!
Toby Osborne


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